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Lecture Videos: Healing Through Prayer

by First Church, Newport

Have you ever wondered how Christ Jesus healed? Watch video replays of two talks on “Healing through prayer” given at a recent lecture event in Orange County, California. The first video is “The healing perspective of Christian Science” given by Evan Mehlenbacher where he explains how the spiritual perspective of Christian Science leads to more effective […]

Prayer that transforms us

by First Church, Newport

Tony Lobl, CS, shares how the healing power of divine Love helped drastically change his life for the better, and explains how it can transform your life too, in this talk given during a recent lecture series on “Spiritual Solutions to Lasting Health.” This lecture was filmed at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pasco, Washington, on October 11, […]

Beating heroin addiction in prison – One inmate’s story

by First Church, Newport

Heroin addiction. For some 1.5 million American’s, heroin addiction is an everyday nightmare; even a lifelong sentence. It’s tough to beat as the chemistry of the drug takes over cells and controls one’s life. Actually, the deeper issue is what psychologists would call an “addictive personality”, which simply means one has personality traits predisposed to […]

Lives Lived: Eating Disorder and Eyesight Healed

by First Church, Newport

Here’s another great story of healing through Christian Science. Meet Emily. She needed to address an eating disorder and did so by working and praying with a Christian Science Practitioner for about a year. At the same time, her eyesight improved and she found she no longer needed glasses.